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Panic in Sexopolis
The first collaborative comic book for the fight against AIDS

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A universe shifted to raise awareness through humor.

Rather than blaming the reader with a tragic approach to the disease, we chose to de-dramatize the situation and use humor to accentuate the traits and caricature reality.
An approach that breaks with the codes of traditional donation campaigns and remains faithful to the identity of AIDES.

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Reward the common effort with a story that advances through the gifts.

The fight against AIDS is progressing gradually as donors join the cause. To illustrate this principle, we have designed a story whose intrigue is revealed through the donations. The message is simple : let's unite our efforts to make fiction and reality come together.

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iPhone Aides

An innovative support designed for a mobile experience.

The Strip is an uninterrupted thread of illustrations linked by graphic transitions rather than boxes, unlike the traditional comic strip. The user can therefore go through the story without a break, making it an ideal support for mobile users.