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The extraordinary
in your

Pour faire la promotion du 100e lancement du
lanceur Ariane 5, fleuron du savoir-faire
spatial européen, Sweet Punk signe un film
inspirant où s’entremêlent réalisme et surréalisme.

For several decades Ariane has played a vital role in our daily lives. Not a day comes to an end without us benefiting from the human and technological achievements accomplished by the brand.

It is from this observation that is born the central concept and the speech.

The feet
on earth,
the head in the stars.

In the heart of Paris, the viewer follows the daily lives of two people, who, in principle, have nothing in common. At first only. Until their emotions merge, and their eyes turn to the unthinkable.

The tension is rising, the pace is accelerating. Both stupefied and overwhelmed by the sheer scale and surreal beauty of the spectacle before their eyes, they suddenly realize, like thousands of other people across Europe, that space is ultimately not far from their daily lives.

of high-flying

Sweet Punk has chosen to immerse the viewer in the heart of a daily life that could be his, a daily that suddenly switches into the extraordinary.

Camera plans were studied to transcribe the surprise and the wonder that emerge from the two protagonists. A strong emotion made possible by the integration of the Ariane rocket in the post-production images.
A technical work in trompe-l'oeil realized by the teams of the agency mixing tracking 3D, modeling of rocket, integration, and compositing.