• À l’heure du lait 
  • À l’heure du lait 
  • À l’heure du lait 

the dairy farm
from all angles.

A l'heure du lait

A web documentary to tell the story of milk

To highlight French dairy know-how, Sweet Punk proposed to the National Extraprofessional Center of the Dairy Economy to translate into a digital device the passion and rigor of the dairy industry of the hexagon.

Poetry of a day

The web documentary's storytelling follows the evolution of the day, an authentic experience based on the rhythm of life of the farm. No activity is set aside, the journey is done in complete transparency.

One of our ambitions was to bring back poetry on a subject that did not necessarily lend itself to it. By breaking the rustic image of the farm we could put more emphasis on its modernity and beauty.


Captivate specialists like neophytes

The experience is immersive, and aimed at the general public as well as professionals of food industry. A dynamic information system, displayed centrally in the video, allows each target to find content sheets that deepen the subject that interests them.

A 360 ° immersion at the heart of a dairy farm

Plenty of shots we have made with a drone or in 360 ° allow the variety of subjects and shots to capture the attention of the user. Thanks to the 360 ​​°, the spectator has the possibility to become a player of the web documentary by evolving at the heart of the scenes of life from the farm.

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