• Vidéo animation 3D
  • Vidéo animation 3D
Box All Inclusive

The 2nd edition of the student
tailor-made year.

This year, Societe Generale chose Sweet Punk to communicate to students a complex and difficult marketing target.
So, instead of focusing on one approach, why not give them the choice? In the All Inclusive Box,
each student can choose the gifts that will help him / her the most in his / her school year.
Accommodation, transport, leisure, food or schooling: there's something for everyone!

Box All Inclusive

A unique and tailor-made
customization system.

Each gift chosen reflects the personality of the student. As he composes his Box, we discover his cravings and his needs. A humorous and offbeat title is awarded to him depending on his choice, so that his box is truly unique and in his image.

A digital experience in WebGL.

For all students, this contest is synonymous with dreams and gifts inaccessible in normal times. We have sublimated this aspect by creating a platform in WebGL allowing to create its Box as it goes and to concretize its dreams. All the gifts were modeled in 3D in a playful and premium spirit so that they can come to life while the Box is created ... the whole forming an immersive and rhythmic experience of which the player will not get tired.

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A cross-media operation

To generate traffic on the Box All Inclusive site, a cross-media strategy was deployed. A saga of short videos featuring the different profiles of the students was broadcast on Youtube and Facebook according to the user profiles, a collaboration in the discovery Snapchat of Melty was also put in place.

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