• Installation virtuelle du CNIEL par Sweet PunkCniel
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A day at the farm on a big screen.

In line with the award-winning 'Milk Hour' web documentary, the CNIEL (National Interprofessional Center for Dairy Economics), wishes to convey the message in a physical way and install the dairy farm in Paris as part of the <55 sup> th International Exhibition of Agriculture.

  • Between contemplation and information.

    To physically translate the passion and rigor of the French dairy industry through the aesthetics and poetry of the web documentary, Sweet Punk imagined a unique place. Built as an immersive course, it takes visitors to the heart of a French dairy farm to discover all that agitates the daily dairy farmers. Between contemplation and information, stables and meadows, the large video screens project the story of a day on the farm.

  • Scenography: fields and reverse shots.

    To immerse young and old in the world of dairy production beyond the images, and arouse the curiosity of the selfless, nothing has been left to chance. A work of artistic composition to find the perfect chord. Then, the sound dressing is adorned with dynamic and spatialized sounds, supported by a voice-over that guides the viewer during his career. The lighting interiorizes the sun and follows the rhythm of a day on the farm. Trees, hay bales and feeders set the scene and reinforce the immersion.

The emotion at the service
of the storytelling.