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Connected wishes

Digital feat. 5 senses.

Voeux chocolatés

Increase the user experience through a sensory experience

To translate its values, the agency decided to create a visual, sound, but also gustative, olfactive and tactile experience with the ambition to immerse the user in his luxurious chic universe.


A personalized and mysterious operation

Before discovering the experience, the user received a mystery chocolate box with a card and a personal password. Tasting passion or crispy, the surfer takes his marks in the agency’s universe that reveals it selves slowly until the discovery of a message unique and directly addressed.

Voeux Chocolatés

Touch, smell and taste

The website was controllable and inter-connected with a mobile to extend the sensorial space. The agency’s passion for its work was in the centre of the chocolate but you could almost touch it. A total immersion, unique in its gender for captivated users.

Voeux Chocolatés