• Feed

a revolutionary identity that is recipe.

To satisfy the appetite of a growing community, and sharpen those of the curious, the start-up feed, true culinary UFO, appealing to the know-how of Sweet Punk to concoct a brand new digital identity. On the menu: a brand signature and a new e-commerce platform.

The reflection
of a mark
of quality

Like its products, Feed. combines efficiency,
pleasure and freedom. A simple concept,
revolutionary, a healthy alternative and
ideal gourmet, Feed. is a creator of
freedom, thought for all those who master their
time and do not consider their meal break as
a constraint.

To translate this protean promise, Sweet
punk endows the brand with a new signature:
Feed. Eat well. Remain free. (Eat well, Live
Free). Two words and two simple adjectives and
essential elements that form an obvious whole,
Memorable and unstoppable.

A showcase

Symbol of freedom and practicality, Feed., It is also and above all products borrowed greediness. The meeting of the healthy and the good designed to keep pace with our active lives. they are also products that go beyond their simple conditions to translate a lifestyle, a way to weigh singular.

To embody this modern, simple and innovative state of mind, the website puts on a refined and striking artistic direction, and gives pride of place to the image. A graphic lifestyle and greedy imprint that places the product and its 100% natural ingredients at the heart of the brand's speech.

An attractive

To conquer new consumers without misguiding followers, and satisfy a growing demand, the site integrates e-commerce ensée platform to seduce and bring back. Smart and functional, ergonomics offers intuitive and fast navigation.

An optimized user journey to best meet the underlying business challenges. A modern and interactive shopping experience that is adorned with animation and 3D modeling sublimating both the content and the container. a user experience that perfectly supports the brand's modern and avant-garde positioning.

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