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There is a light
that never goes out

They take care of us,
take care of them

On the occasion of the end of the year festivities, Fédération Hospitalière de France wishes to warm hearts and reaffirm its commitments with a greeting card that lives up to its values.

Illuminate hearts

Sweet Punk enchants hearts and minds by creating a digital greeting card in motion design.
Illustrative, dreamlike and contemplative, the artistic direction takes the visitor into a warm and benevolent story in which light guides the story.
An illustrative and colorimetric work of high fly, carried by a sound design that awakens our senses.

Enchant the spirits

The soft and poetic storytelling gives body to the images, brings a natural attractiveness and supports a powerful message. At a time when night falls, there is a light that never goes out, welcoming and sweet, that of public hospitals.