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#LetsBio !

The social media campaign that militates
for organic food in canteens.

Put bio in my canteen!

On the occasion of the new school year, the Foundation for Nature and Man works with Sweet Punk to obtain more bio in the canteen of our children with the "Bonus Cantine Bio and Local".

To support advocacy and gain broad support, the agency is implementing a digital activation to raise public and political awareness on this topic of health which concerns us all.



With #LETSBIO, Sweet Punk chooses to open the debate and create dialogue with humor and lightness, by reversing the parent-child relationship. Making children, the main beneficiaries of the reform project, the ambassadors and spokespersons for the campaign.

A quirky and impertinent concept to educate the intended audience with a touch of benevolent irony.

Life in Bio

To set the tone of the campaign and the power of the message, the agency imagines and produces three videos in the form of advertising vignettes.These mini skits of daily life between a father and his son illustrate with humor how the canteen can become a model of education in organic and local.

Feed the debate
on digital

To continue the conversation and support the argument, the agency sets up a brand content strategy on the brand's social networks and a PR kit for the press and media partners.