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Jean Phillipe Nuel
Rethinking a renowned architect website
The raw material to digital: translate the artist's vision.

The vision of Jean-Philippe Nuel goes through a state of matter which then guide his work.
This is the identity of the places that the architect transcribed and then we wanted to preserve
in digital, structure to the character details.

Jean Phillipe Nuel
Jean Phillipe Nuel
Jean Phillipe Nuel

A bias that sublime artistic
les architectural projects.

The new logo is the foundation for the artistic direction of the site and its navigation as so strong and delicate layers at once. Along its route, the user will get more in the privacy of a project, gradually moving from outside to inside a building. Animations accompanying the story told never win.

Technology for navigation.

To accompany the visit, the entire site is
carried out in full ajax : no load will not interrupt
the eye and the story told.

Jean Phillipe Nuel
Illu mobileIllu mobile

An adaptive mobile site.

To provide the user with such a qualitative experience on desktop and on mobile, we redesigned the content based on the information sought by the mobile user. Navigation has been facilitated by implementing an adapted ergonomics : each information is to inch reach.

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