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To lead the ball on the digital, succeed its renewal and open to a new target, the crew of Juste Debout calls on Sweet Punk. On the agenda: a new visual identity, the creation of a digital ecosystem and the digitization of the biggest hip-hop event in the world.

Impose a new flow chart

Like the dancers who face each other, it's all about identity and style. It is necessary to mark the spirits by affirming a singular identity, a unique style.

Sweet Punk proposed to modernize the codes of hip-hop to create a universe universe, universal and differentiating. Inspired by related media such as art and fashion, the new visual identity plays the game of saturated and pop colors, and portrays the legacy and future of hip-hop.

Juste Debout

offer a digital recital

To give substance to the brand and translate its new positioning, Sweet Punk has redesigned the communication strategy of Juste Debout by focusing on digital. the site of Juste Debout has moved to become a showcase event.

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a 360° redesign

A streamlined and efficient user experience showcasing the essence of the world's largest hip-hop dance event.

The social image of the brand has also been redesigned with a global strategy integrating brand content and storytelling.


the new judge

Finally, to open the hostilities in beauty, Sweet Punk has created an interactive contest: The New Judge. A fun site that plunges the user into the heart of a battle between two dancers. The goal: to reach the passionate by valuing their technical knowledge.

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Make the experience speak

To connect bodies and minds, amplify those moments when time is suspended, where the viewer becomes a Sweet Punk actor, giving way to the experience by imagining a web app where the viewer becomes the Fifth Judge.

A fifth man able to tip the scales, to give preference, to express his emotions. A unique and engaging experience that links the brand to its audience.

A first in the history of Just Standing.

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