• Nokia

Brand movies for Nokia’s
connected products range

A very soft brand positioning.

Withings/Nokia are differentiating themselves from other high tech brands usually fond of showing off by staying authentic and sober in the daily users’ habits. Their products evolve in a very complicit and save universe.

Nokia DeviceNokia Device

Sublime the user’s routines

We’ve directed three movies in destination to retail and costumers to promote the health range products of Nokia: Body plus, Body, Steel. They show the range’s assets stylishly in the users’ daily habits.

Nokia Device

One movie. More movies.

Depending on the use Nokia was going to need, the movies have been thought through different formats. A short one (35 seconds) and a long one (55 seconds) to get the targets’ attention and being able to adapt them to different markets where the brand needed to be (France, UK, Germany).

Un film. Des films.