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25 days of steel

Innovative Digital Campaign

Nokia watch

Reach the target
in its habits

Nokia wants to promote the 25 days’ autonomy of its new connected watch through a digital campaign showing off the new product’s assets in the user’s daily habits.

A Creative use of new ads format

25 days of autonomy, 25 days of Steel. This promise is reflected on Instagram through 25 daily posts, each of them showing one of the watch characteristics in a lifestyle universe fitting this media.

Other tools are completing this Storytelling, such as the canvas or the carrousel on Facebook through the amazing visual opportunities those formats are offering.

Nokia Device
Un film. Des films.

An international media plan

To reach this connected and precise target Sweet Punk has elaborated a media plan in three languages (FR/EN/GR). The operation was supported by a retargeting campaign to strengthen the brands image and multiply its visibility in a customer’s journey.