Schneider breaks the screen

A pioneer in the design of radios and televisions, Schneider wants to refresh its brand image on the web and thus extend its power of seduction and its notoriety with a wider target.

The products
of a pictorial work

Schneider products are not just a sum of practical objects, they dress, inspire our interiors. And the emotion and more advocated by the brand is the one that emerges from their own features.

To translate this distinctive aesthetic and install the new brand positioning, Sweet Punk chose to marry warm, dense colors and raw material. From these associations is born a unique pictorial work.

Rigor, lightness
and intuitiveness

To make the object come out of its simple condition to reveal an emotion and a sense is the characteristic of art. And more precisely that of contemporary artists and pops like Mondrian or Warhol. Popular, contemporary and accessible to the image of the brand.

The ergonomics of the new site is thus closer to the structuring of the works of the Dutch artist. A rigorous ergonomic construction, precise and intuitive echoing the expertise and pioneering spirit of Schneider.

A pop-positive

The artistic direction therefore sports pop colors bringing positivity and energy. A graphic bias resolutely against the current of the economic downturn. A positive vision whose products are the material proof. A non-elitist proprietary universe that brings the brand closer to consumers.

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