• Film Etudiant

Student movies for Société Générale
a very well
documented advertisement.

Short format,
fun and rhythm
to price the insight

How to portray the promise of a brands’ capacity to accompany its clients for a complicated target as students. Tender and spicy the saga of short movies creates a close relation by throwing students in their daily situations.

Content from the best taste.
Contents for every taste.

The films showcase nine student profiles, one for each operation. Participants will be asked to identify themselves with a profile according to their habits and lifestyles. The promise is thus finely distilled: no matter your profile and your needs, Société Générale is there to accompany you.

Targeting in programmatic
to meet its audiences.

Intelligent campaign targeting maximizes efficiency while extending the concept. The campaign simultaneously goes on Snapchat, YouTube and Facebook and uses smart data to deliver to each user the film associated with the student’s profile that matches him.