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The new web identity of

Urban Linker, digital
recruitment platform that brings companies and
candidates are alike, sought our help to
to rethink its visual identity and web

Urban LinkerUrban LinkerUrban Linker

How to highlight the COOL side, young and offbeat
brand without taint expertise?

Reconcile the expertise
and uniqueness.

The new site Urban Linker does
link between two worlds: the undeniable
experience of its team and its vision of
work, fresh and unique.

Urban Linker
Urban linker

Starified candidates

If the site is aimed at both companies and candidates
is to these that we must focus the most effort: the talents of the web are highly sought and the offer is lower in the demand.

We took advantage of starified those rare gems that make
corporate reputation in which they work.
The study of popular
allowed us to put forward the iconography
different types of candidates to heart
site. It is around these profiles that builds the user
course, depending on their skills and

Urban linkerUrban linker
Urban linker
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