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360 ° mirage.

Virtual reality presents itself as a small revolution in the field of communication. Multi-sensory, virtual reality promises your audience the conquest of a new world, breaking the limiting shackles of reality and navigating without course in the infinite ocean of artificial possibilities. Isolated in plastic blinders, the exile of reality pushes back the millennial frontiers of perception and gives the senses a new dimension. Wandering in a pixel simulation, the fruit of the fictional ideal of its designers, the solitary avatar meets new cognitive landmarks, space-time is fragmented. This unreal neo-inhabitant goes in search of new guides, fantasizes about a renewed environment,
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If Instagram and Snapchat filters are undoubtedly the most common and recurrent use of augmented reality, the applications of this technology are flourishing and the progress of multimedia tools as well as the democratization of smartphones are further facilitating the emergence of ‘innovative jobs.

At the crossroads of the real and the artificial, this improved means of communication allows us to break the isolation that surrounds us on our screens and invites us to interact with our surrounding context. This characteristic which transforms the spectator with passive habits into an actor who is given a new angle of view and new perspectives makes this device highly stimulating. The playful dimension of augmented reality which excites the imagination is particularly appreciated by the public for educational uses, projections or fittings.
His phygital execution (mixing physical and digital) is also effective during street marketing campaigns or interactive events where he can complete other digital installations such as projection mapping to stir up all the senses.

In order to guarantee the success of these immersive experiences, it is imperative to design a global project. Thanks to the versatility of its expertise, Sweet Punk supports you on your entire augmented reality project, from its scripting to its staging and riding. Our editorial and graphic teams as well as our video pole work hand in hand to push back, in their turn, the boundaries of possibilities.

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