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Adaptative Design

Invisible chameleon.

For you, what is more natural than today visit the same website on different media? You go from a smartphone to a tablet or a computer, with the same visual comfort and ideally placed content. Near the responsive design, but based on a different and less heavy machinery for browsers, adaptive design helps to significantly improve the user experience. Facebook in particular the use on their mobile site, optimized for and resized image content. In sum, the objective of a responsive web design is to create a self-adaptive interface that provides calibrated sizes for each playback support and therefore faster charging for online content.

From idea to implementation.

Sweet Punk homepage is a specialist digital agency communication. It will advise the use of adaptive design if the content of your site can be reduced and adapted to the device. Navigation will be so fluid that pluis responsive to load all content. Regardless of the technique chosen, it is essential today to adapt your website for mobile devices and tablets. Our pole art direction work upstream in the design of a web design and ergonomics offering users an equivalent comfort in all media.