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A Narrative Experience

The Web allows brands to create unique content and to build privileged relationships with consumers. Brand image is not only built on the product that the company sells but also on the general aura that it radiates and the environment it builds around itself. The brand has a story to tell, which relates to our own. The art of storytelling can be expressed through words but also through design and graphic art. In short, if we want a unique digital experience, we cannot dissociate form from substance. Words are simply the phonetic expression of images.

Writing and creating information is the expression of liberty. There are many different kinds of people that express themselves on the Web. Journalists communicate news and information, community managers embellish the image of brands, and creative writers turn ideas into words.


Creating a Difference

The desire of the Sweet Punk team is to create an environment around a context. Consumers need an emotional link with brands in order to identify with them. To build this environment, our digital agency puts creativity at the heart of our approach. Our pen and our pixels are the conduit through which this creativity is expressed. The full potential of the content of a particular website is only realised through the association of various means, such as videos, photos and illustrations. This is what we call Rich Media. These elements combine to form an environment around the brand and to create the difference that make it distinguishable.

So in your opinion, can form and substance be dissociated? Digital production in itself is no more than the setting for your story.


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