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The man-machine relationship.

If initially the term ergonomics refers to the study and improvement of relations between man and machine, it is now essential when it comes to talk of a website. Ergonomic said web site is a simple site to use, intuitive, a site that combines common sense and speed. Ergonomics therefore also helps to retain the user on a site because if its use is not smooth, he turns away and goes to look for information elsewhere.

When an agency is involved.

Let's avoid scaring the user. The coach of that true and lasting relationship is the digital creative agency 1. She feels very ergonomic upstream, reflection phase, organize the sections, 5 using the correct typeface 6 for valuing securities, the right font to make them readable content. Every detail is taken into account to design a site with easy navigation. Sweet Punk, specialist digital, ensures precisely to optimize the usability of a website. Through targeting, we adapt our production to the hearing at which addresses the site to create a scholarly sobriety dosage, clarity, interactivity, fluidity 17, availability and accessibility.


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