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Graphic Creation

Graphic design applied to the web.

A website must first adapt to the Internet: its accessibility, speed, intuitive ergonomics, and its graphic design. The mastery of codes is essential to accompany your discourses and sell your services. Web professions are diverse, related and complementary: it is to find the right balance between content and form, to ensure that the aesthetics serve functionality, and vice versa.
It is the role of our digital agency to ensure this balance..

A true digital communication tool.

The image is the basis of the creation of the digital agency. Sweet Punk, because of its intelligence and its knowledge of trends, accompanies you on these aspects that will raise your brand to the next level. The content and form do not go one without the other. Our graphic designers and art directors working the graphic of a brand based on its positioning and messages it conveys. They propose a logo in response to a Baseline; they articulate a homepage to the rhythm of an editorial tone. But they also give a real sense of reading content, by promoting a clean graphical structure, efficient and clean.


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