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For the general public as to shareholders, customers, suppliers or employees of the company, it can be called corporate video, corporate video or corporate video.This is the video communication of a company, group or association that wants to showcase his skills, values ​​or key figures. It can sometimes be distributed at important internal events to mobilize troops, weld and allow them to be in a more comprehensive business plan.

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A corporate video can take several forms: TV advertising, internal reporting, animation ... But whatever its form, it must have a clear purpose. This is to prioritize the points to highlight in the film, prioritize speech and the emergence of a main idea. The com Sweet Punk homepage agency produces corporate videos tailored in motion design, with tailored video and editorial orientation film, as the topic addressed by the company and the image it wishes to convey. Our equip bring attention to the originality and uniqueness of each project, to offer a unique and recognizable achievement.