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Collect a qualified information about your customers and prospects: a challenge today. How to make users agree to complete your login form and you inform themselves on their profile? The games here are very interactive contests indicated. This is the ideal way to both animate your customer relationships, communicate your brand or your new products, attracting a large number of users, increase your popularity and collect those valuable profiles of participants. Because to participate, you must register. And the prizes are attractive, less Internet users are reluctant to provide their personal data, the greater your chance to build up a real database.

A win-win transaction.

The creative agency Sweet Punk is revealed as a specialist discipline. The on-line quizzes can be a great way to increase your visits or sales. Cheaper than traditional advertising, they are perceived as a windfall that is shared between users. They generate virality. They can also be vectors of loyalty if they are relayed on social networks, for even more exposure and leads to rally. Gains mechanical differ depending on competition play. The instant winner is an immediate drawing of winners in advance and before the start of the game. For the delayed draw, the draw takes place at the end of the operation. Where the competition is a professional jury which designates the best participant.


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