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An instructive tennis.

Interactivity 27 is the exchange! It is the meeting of a system and of a being. They cooperate and each adjusts its behavior to the other. This is a two-way communication, interaction.
Interactivity is a must on the web.
The consumer is at the heart of online devices. It is not passive, it becomes actor. His opinion is sought and its tastes and preferences. Brands are riding this trend by creating interactive and rich media 27 media that are other than ergonomic interfaces offering video content or photo and data, presented interactively: navigation by chapter, time search (chapters, keywords) dynamic display of visuals (videos for example).

Technology : processing.

To give life to this interactive content, our designers and creative developers use constantly evolving technologies. The ease of use, the fluidity of the tool are essential. It is therefore necessary to implement the right choices to bring the idea to the level of user interaction. This is the credo of our digital agency, which will bring as much attention to the design of the user experience, the choice of technology will bring this experience.


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