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Mobile Communication for Brands

The Sweet Punk team assists brands that wish to optimise their presence on mobile platforms. The huge 4G wave sweeping the network has a large and growing market share in advertising. For ideal communication with Smartphones, it is sometimes better to summarise the message, but also to adapt the user experience in order to guarantee fast, efficient browsing. Mobile sites must be calibrated to be able to offer access to all required information while the more essential parts are translated.

Mobile allows for the establishment of a permanent link. It makes it possible to remain at the centre of the community and to adapt to each member’s daily life. Here, customisation and CRM come into their own. Developing targeted communication strategies is the best way for brands to promote their public image. The Smartphone brings a social, mobile and tactile perspective to the Web – that Sweet Punk knows very well how to manage.


Intelligent browsing

The Smartphone has become a reflex in our daily lives. Some people are even considered to be addicted to their Smartphone. Websites that wish to land in the palm of our hand have adapted to the Smartphone format: this is what we call responsive design or adaptive design.

With a broad patchwork of mobile applications, users are able to customise the way they access information. Our good old Web browsers are sometimes little more than optional. Among the current panoply of “apps” and well-honed reflexes, it is more than ever essential to get your application well positioned on the market and to offer well-designed interaction.