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Today there is a mobile application for all games, information, health, press, GPS ...It downloads on various platforms: Apple Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store.They are free or not. They are accessible and often very intuitive.They flood our smartphones. They even overlook the web browser accessible, because their design usually offers a better experience on a given service.

... And brands have understood!

The success is such that brands are now creating their own mobile apps to collect email addresses and contacts and thus create a skilled database.Free applications are paid by advertising, it is easy for a brand to launch. With cross-channel, all user media (computer, tablet, smartphone) are connected. The evolution of his actions is synchronized everywhere. Brands to watch while designing websites to responsive design or adaptive to suit each bracket.But beyond a simplified mobile browsing, mobile app has to bring something new and differentiating to last, added value such as geolocation, because if the downloads are fast, the dropout rate is equally high.
The competition is tough. This does not necessarily find the new idea, but to do better. And why our agency accompanies you on the design ergonomics and overall user experience, essential to make your application a success.


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