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The Buzz Around 2.0

Social networks today are part of everyday life. We are all-hyper-connected! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are now part of our vernacular but also feature among our daily activities. We have become dependent on social networks. We connect to them several times a day, returning regularly to check up again – like the hook of that song going round in your head throughout the day! Our team follows developments in social media in order to help brands get the most out of them. Social networks reflect the public image of a brand. In this context, Sweet Punk works with clients to help them manage their e-reputation.
The role of the community manager is evolving quickly. The CM must adapt to the support that she is working on. She has become the spokesperson for the brand on the Internet, but she isn’t the only one to communicate on the Web.

Freedom of Expression

Web 2.0 gives everyone the means to communicate on the Internet, through social networks, wikis or blogs but also through networks featuring digital content, such as YouTube, Instagram and Deezer. You can find and comment on just about anything you like on the Internet. For brands, however, the Internet is a double edged sword: they can communicate freely but they can also be easily criticised by Internet users.
The Internet is probably the most candid media that exists. People can express themselves very easily on the Web from behind their screen, which acts as a shield. This is why brands are often exposed to the sharp pen of the Web user. Social media are difficult to control, and this is where Sweet Punk’s expertise can help.


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