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Stop Motion

The most magical animation techniques.

Create a motion from stationary objects. Stop Motion or motion animation and has existed for many years. It is thanks to the stop motion that we could see the King Kong of Willis O'Brien walking the streets of New York. The stop motion has evolved and become more fluid thanks to the technique of motion go. The use of stop motion guard made a very special craft. The use of stop motion becomes a true bias. Some directors prefer to 3D or animation, classic, where the mix of 3D for a living result, atypical and unique (Corpse Bride, Tim Burton).The shorter the better.

The shorter the better.

Requiring a lot of time and patience, produce a video image by image can be tedious. Better promote the stop motion for short formats: an advertisement seems ideal for exercise. The Sweet Punk agency has experienced the stop motion in several of his videos, in actual shooting, in corporate films or web documentaries, because this timeless technique gives a report that the most powerful computers would not match