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Empathy, or the experience of the other.

The concept is now a pillar of supply agencies, especially in Sweet Punk. User Experience, or UX User Experience, is consider the feelings of the person in front of the screen, when the man-machine interface becomes a reflection on the course of the user. This is the heart of our concerns when building a website. We ensure that his visit takes place in the best possible conditions and to transform a simple search for information in a genuine, enjoyable, amazing, which makes him want to return. Upstream, we are trying to identify their expectations and brakes. Then our teams work to find the perfect harmony between web design and usability, accessibility and usability between, between content and form.

The golden fingers of your comfort.

Art directors work hand in hand with ergonomists and developers. Illustrators try to create emotion where technicians easy navigation. Editors designers ensure structure and prioritize information, where designers choose the font and animations to naturally guide the user, either on a computer, tablet or smart phone. All this would be meaningless without the work of story-telling which is the basis for the user experience. The rest will disappear, leaving only the memory in the mind of the user. Our digital agency in Paris is there to burn.


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