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Sweet Punk is a creative digital agency that places video creation at the heart of our vision. Our team manages the entire production process, from filming through to editing and post-production (including 3D, 2D, motion design, storyboard writing and slow motion).
Sweet Punk is dedicated to innovation and is constantly on the lookout for new graphic techniques for its videos. Whether in terms of the actors we use or through our audio/video and lighting professionals, we work with the same processes as the cinema industry. Our dedicated production teams are adapted to the requirements of the project.


Close Up on Animation Techniques

For each of the productions we have already delivered, our creative team has built an original product. The choice of technique brings a very particular and unique aspect to the video. Slow motion adds a graceful characteristic to movement on screen. With careful attention to detail, the effect can be impressive. 3D is a support that unleashes creative ambition. From projects with an industrial theme to others designed to enthral a younger audience, 3D is a tool that our studio has learnt to master. Stop motion, a technique that will never go out of fashion, adds a touch of magic and humanity to a project. It offers a real aesthetic, characteristic identity.
On the whole, the choice of type of animation will define the tone of your message, so it is very important to make the right choice according to the message you wish to communicate.