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Web Documentary

Power to the consumer.

The web documentary 50 draws much of Web 2.0. When social networks such as Facebook and TripAdvisor give voice to users and allow them to give their opinion, they make the switch from consumer to prosumer! And the web documentary is part of this trend: this multimedia content exclusively available on the Internet has in common with its television version enhancement of the image, immersive, with the difference that it is interactive. The viewer is no longer passive but active. This difference is first noted in the narrative since the viewer is challenged directly by the author; but also in the fact that he can click on the content of interest. He pilots the docu web. Inquire becomes fun and participatory.

His power is yours.

You can take advantage of this freedom for the hearing. The realization of a web-documentary wants an exchange with the user. As the production team, it is the last participant experience. The Sweet Punk agency is a master in the development of these images, transforming the video material interactive tool of choice. The shape of the web documentary, with its nobility, applies very well to the brand content and can be used as trademarks in the need to tell a story. And this story, our teams are there to give birth.