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The competitive
banking sector.

Sopra Banking wants to build its IT expertise and share a clear and powerful vision for the future decision-maker. They want to create a new site and rethink their brand image and editorial positioning so that it is no longer considered as an executant but rather as a strategist with its customers.
The agency’s mission: to boost the image of the brand and boost its attractiveness for the target.

Putting humans
in the digital window.

The artistic direction of the site conveys a simple message: Sopra Banking builds solutions that are relevant to its customers. The focus is therefore on the human, whether in the visuals or in the editorial, both source of inspiration and motivation for the brand. The use of gradient symbolizes the transition between the expertise of the brand and the customer benefit.

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A technical challenge
for the end customer.

This new showcase for the brand is distinguished by a maintenance tool tailored to the needs of the customer thanks to the Silly Smart solution.
The site also has a geolocation system to adjust the content according to the user's coordinates, and thus adapt to the wide variety of banking needs around the world. An intuitive UX route for easy navigation completes this feature and simplifies access to information.

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