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Endless wishes

sharing with no ending.

Endless WishEndless Wishes

Your emotions are taking control.

A new mode of digital expression. We’re inviting you to leave free course to your emotions so you can take control of an interactive experience.

Endless Wish

Recognition through webcam.

Thanks to facial recognition through a webcam, the experience evolves depending on the user’s feeling : joy, anger, surprise. The experience is animated around a set of 3D constructions mouldable in real time. Based on a WebGL architecture, it gives the sensation of plunging into a parallel world.

Endless Wish

Zen teaching.

More than an interactive technical experience, it is a whole poetic and initiatory journey that is proposed here. From Anātman to Nirvana, he invites us to be with ourselves, to let go and to familiarize the most curious with the great notions of the Zen teachings.

Endless WishesEndless WishesEndless WishesEndless Wishes
Endless WishEndless WishEndless Wish