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Turning yesterday's works into tomorrow's

Situation & challenge

Maintaining our position as a leader in heritage preservation

As the true memory of our civilizations, our cultural and artistic heritage is essential to preserve for future generations.

That’s what AGP, a pioneer in heritage preservation and cultural mediation, has been doing for 30 years.

Its measurement and enhancement activities enable art and culture to survive the ages, thanks to cutting-edge technologies and innovation.

Faced with the growing threat of new entrants in this sector, the brand must reassert its strengths and its pioneering stance to maintain its leadership.

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Enabling AGP to enter a new era

Not only a pioneer in its market, AGP is also recognized for its expertise and technical know-how.

To fully embody this position and legitimize it with a target audience of institutional and cultural players, it was crucial for the brand to strengthen its graphic expression and identity.

The aim was to highlight AGP’s strengths, its excellence, precision and innovative dimension, through a statutory and assertive graphic universe.

Sweet Punk supported AGP in a bold re-branding, and in the redesign of its website, to give it a rich, adaptable identity that was profoundly consistent with its offer and DNA.

Creative idea

Bringing the AGP unit to life in a dual offering

One of AGP’s hallmarks is its ability to play with paradoxes and porous universes: between the abstract and the concrete, between past and future, between tradition and innovation. And it’s precisely these paradoxes that have provided the fertile ground on which Sweet Punk has built a strong, differentiating brand universe.

This duality is graphically embodied by an opposition of shapes, colors and lettering, inspired by AGP’s raison d’être and reality in the field: from rounded to angular, from serif to sans-serif, from italic to geometric… The result is a singular territory of expression where historical roots and high innovation coexist, in a customized and proprietary graphic language.

New identity



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