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Agency life 13 September 2021
1 min

Sweet Punk welcomes a new senior creative team for the new school year

As part of its development, the agency welcomes Alexandre Ropars and Geoffrey Massonnaud, the agency's new senior creative team.

Articles 9 September 2021
9 min

Music in advertising

Why does advertising have so much music in its skin?

Articles 30 July 2021
4 min

Less is now: brands face the paradox of minimalism.

As we know, successive confinements have upset the relationship to oneself and to consumption. So much so that 73% of French people now say they want to focus only on what is important in their consumption... How do brands make themselves essential to a consumer in search of simplicity? Let's talk about it.

Articles 12 July 2021
6 min

Saving ourselves before saving the world.

How brands guide us on the path to acceptance.

News 22 June 2021
2 min

3 new budgets for the agency

Badoo, Digital Universities, and Unitlife join the agency.


Published on 7 September

Km/ Art – Les Chevaliers cathares

This new episode of Kilomètre-art makes you discover Les Chevaliers cathares, a work of art located at the Pech-Loubat rest area on the A61 highway. Relive a key episode in the history of Occitania.

Published on 2 September

Sweet Punk x Netatmo

Netatmo, leader in the smart home, designs beautiful, simple and intelligent objects for a safer and more comfortable home. With the ambition to assert itself as a reference player in the smart home, Netatmo wants to redesign its website and offer its visitors an experience that positions it as such.

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Published on 19 July

Km/Art – Archeval de Saumur

The web-series Kilomètre /art, unveils its 5th episode! This week, Kilomètre /Art takes you to the edge of the A85 freeway to discover Archeval, one of the largest equine statues in the world.

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News 5 May 2021
2 min

Spirit trusts Sweet Punk to build its corporate communication.

SPIRIT takes the floor through a campaign entitled “(Co) build the world of tomorrow” launched on LinkedIn. The idea was to communicate about the brand and its vision while addressing the major themes of the real estate industry today.

News 7 April 2021
1 min

New institutional site for Pathé

Reveal the bold spirit of Pathé on its corporate site.

Articles 7 April 2021
3 min

Clubhouse: the opportunity.

Organize the equivalent of a convention center with the simplicity of a café philosophy: welcome to Clubhouse.

News 12 January 2021
1 min

Two new Kilometer/ art episodes for Vinci Autoroutes

VINCI Autoroutes is enjoying great success with its Km / art web series. A series of videos that brings motorway art to the fore, an art that many ignore and deserves everyone's attention.

News 24 November 2020
1 min

Alhive and Handicap International overturn the codes of Black Friday.

Faced with the current situation, Alhive, one of the leading brands offering the # 90daysbodychallenge program, appears to be a simple and useful solution where everyone can practice their sport from home with the active support of a growing community.

News 13 November 2020
1 min

The #Confiset are coming to Spotify.

The #Confisets are to be listened to and shared without moderation.

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