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News 15 September 2020
1 min

Sweet Punk signs with ITIC Paris and Alba Films

Two new projects won by Sweet Punk.

News 27 July 2020
2 min

Three new projects for Sweet Punk.

Sweet Punk signs Bouygues Bâtiment International, the Aquarium la Rochelle, and Street Power Football.

Interviews 27 July 2020
1 min

Guess Their Job : Episode 4

New Guess Their Job interview

Interviews 24 June 2020
4 min

COVID-19: A well-framed shooting protocol.

How are our video teams adapting to the covid crisis? The answers are in the interview with Rebecca El Gherabli, our Head of the video department.

Articles 23 June 2020
5 min

The boss is a DJ

I abandoned the idea of devoting myself fully to music when I bought my first apartment (young) and that I had to pay the bank back.

Agency life 23 June 2020
1 min

91St Lazare, beer by Sweet Punk

Sending chocolates to wish a happy new year is so 2019.


Articles 23 June 2020
8 min

Young people and social networks

Young people and social networks this couple has always seemed to go without saying. Defined, qualified and redefined many times over the past 15 years.

Articles 23 June 2020
6 min

Advice, creativity, craft …: the new role of digital agencies.

An increasingly heavy and obvious question hangs over the communication market: can we do without the services of a communication agency, especially digital?

Articles 23 June 2020
7 min

How can creativity move the lines of society?

More than ever, the nature of power is changing. The weakening of politics, the media and the new information networks now leave more room for democratic horizontality.

Articles 23 June 2020
7 min

Mechanical X storytelling: digital salt and pepper.

From big data to the most sensitive personal data, the journey and behavior of Internet users seems increasingly manipulable.

Articles 23 June 2020
7 min

Call for tenders and digital communication: embark on very high roller coasters.

Making a call for tenders is a healthy and normal process for any company wishing to compare services.

Interviews 23 June 2020
2 min

Advertising: a dream job?

Théo is design and strategy manager at Sweet Punk. If you have not yet had the pleasure of meeting him at the bend of a brief, a workshop or a pitch, we invite you to discover his "talk" as it is customary to say for TEDx.

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