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Sweet Punk was born from the burning desire to make the most beautiful projects by making each challenge a source of creation.

We have created an environment to encourage warm exchanges around brands. In a permanent adaptation, the ideas are concretized by the bonds which we weave between our customers and our talents.

Alexandre Castaing & Stéphane Pointin


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A team of 70 sweeties based in Paris and Montpellier.

Driven by passion, our talents form a united and rational team, serving brands. Each employee brings you a little more than their skills, thanks to a creative approach, including in our organization.

  • Antoine Zedin

    Head of brand design

  • Agathe Bréthomé

    Senior Artistic director

  • Pierre Patrault

    Head of design digital

  • Margot Duchesne

    Financial Controller Junior

  • Alexandre Castaing

    Associate Director

  • Stéphane Pointin

    Associate Director

  • Yann Le Gallou

    Director of the Montpellier's office

  • Julie Brun

    Consulting Director

  • Bernard-Henri Nut-Bonaldi

    Business and Customer Relations Director

  • Pauline Maisonnave

    Project Director

  • Sylvain Pouyet

    Director of creation and production

  • Rebecca El Gherabli

    Video Pole Manager

  • Clément Benoit-Pilven

    Technical Director

  • Charlotte Eyquem

    Account manager

  • Sébastien Bourdoiseau

    Senior Artistic Director

  • Tiffanie Bouillot

    Web developper

  • Guillaume Perrette

    Artistic Director

  • Dieynabou Diallo

    Artistic Director

  • Narindra Ramaholimihaso

    Front-end Lead Developper

  • Léa Berteau

    Project Manager

  • Théo Beauvallet

    Strategy and conception manager

  • Aurélie Basol

    Office Manager

  • Marie Gleyze

    Video project manager

  • Benjamin Guibert

    Motion designer

  • Fanny Pelpel

    Project Manager

  • Florian Maillou

    Artistic Director

  • Axelle Pasquier

    Artistic Director

  • Alex Tari

    Motion designer

  • Nadia Benjary

    Brand Manager

  • Jean-Baptiste Lindner

    Junior web developper

  • Mathilde Traversié

    Junior Artistic Director

  • Louise Billion

    Junior Project Manager

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    Prizes won

    The requirement is sought and the results pay off. Our ability to implement the most ambitious visions with your customers is often rewarded by judges in the sector.

    5 nominations

    Awwwards, Agency of the year 2016, 2017
    & CSS Design Awards, Agency of the year 2016,
    2017, 2018

    Business vision

    Our brand support is 360, with creation at its core.


    The best projects come from shared trust.

    Let's earn your esteem to win your audience. We want to build and imagine with you what others will not have the audacity to do.


    We are all happiness managers.

    Sweet Punk is very proud to maintain a turnover among the lowest on the market. A unique culture for an agency life imagined and accomplished for the benefit of all.

    You should think bigger