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A video can convey a thousand sensations, and in a thousand different ways. The core objective of our premium production studio within the agency is to guide you in these choices, making each video a polished nugget in your image.

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Each story must convey a message. Each film, whether it is a TV advertisement, a presentation motion or simply an animated GIF is the result of a clear and committed brand strategy which we build alongside you. Strategic planning and redaction design are at the heart of thinking before imagining production.

Our video studio, directly integrated within the agency, embodies strong expertise and above all a mastery of production. We guarantee the realization of our video supports such as the commercial film, institutional film, educational video, 2D animation, 3D animation and of course all the pre production and post production of shootings.

We imagine by your side as well short format snack-content type, as on institutional film, web documentary or advertising film. This extensive know-how contributes strongly to digital activations and brand content

In terms of production, we master all aspects: design, script, storyboard, 2D animation, 3D animation, editing, voiceover recording or sound design. Because emotion is a vector of success, we also master the more advanced slow motion and stop motion techniques, the humanized effect of which always affects audiences.

It’s a real in-house production studio that takes care of all the logistics of filming. Our teams also tackle character design for 3D animation or 2D animation films, which will best convey your brand’s emotion to its audience. In very close collaboration with our web development department, the video studio designs and produces films in web documentary and 360 ° web documentary format. An innovative format allowing advanced and immersive video content, which is increasingly attracting brands looking for a differentiating and rich institutional film.

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