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At a time when you can learn everything on Youtube, the educational film produced by a brand is a valuable tool for disseminating information, or transferring knowledge. The tone and construction of the message can take many positions. Exchanging with its audience is a constructive process that allows the company to build powerful links, whether in BtoC or in a business sphere, including internally.
The attention paid to quality and the mastery of the brand's codes give the achievement the fundamental connections that must be established with its targets. We support you in achieving these essential tools more than ever.

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The educational film is generally part of a content strategy closely related to brand positioning. If today it is more than necessary to create a link, this is the opportunity to offer knowledge, on products, ideas and more generally the subjects that affect the business.
In line with the brand platform, we use all the agency’s know-how in global support. The brand identity must also transpire on the different productions in order to appropriate the content.

Its shaping can take on several aspects. The shooting of a small film series, or production in motion design, depends on the quality of the content, which is perfectly suited to transmitting information. Our methodology and collaboration between the design and graphic design teams is a very specific capacity of the agency to guarantee the quality of educational rendering.
In a content approach for social networks, educational films offer a precious and qualitative resource. We therefore offer design schedules adapted to a year-round distribution, or on an event-driven basis.

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