A video to travel smoothly towards a sustainable future.

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Values ​​can be enduring.

Situation & Challenge

How to convince to invest in a sustainable future?

As part of a national campaign on sustainable values, Amundi, the European leader in asset management, wishes to introduce its customers and prospects to its investment fund “Sustainable Values”.

The objective? Create an educational video support to highlight Amundi’s know-how while providing information on a doubly complex subject.



Place the service in a societal context to give it a new dimension.

To better convince of the usefulness of this solution, Sweet Punk decided to start the video by tackling the change of mentalities taking place in our societies, before explaining how the investment fund “Sustainable Values” part of this process.

Creative idea

Put emotion at the service of reason.

Punctuated by a serene voice-over, a 2D animation inspired by the craft style gives the speech a contemplative tone and makes it possible to approach the notions of sustainability and growth while avoiding overly technical explanations.

You should think bigger