The right TV spot

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TV saga for a mutual like no other

Situation & challenge

Aim just right with Garance

Garance, a long-standing player in the savings market for over 40 years, is suffering from a lack of brand awareness (ex-MNRA) and the arrival of new players on the market.

Faced with these tensions, Garance had to evolve its positioning.

With this trilogy featuring Gilbert Montagné, Garance shows that they are not just another mutual group. They illustrate with humor that their expertise and support will enable their members to achieve their goals.



Playing on the springs of self-mockery

An inspirational figure and renowned artist, Gilbert Montagné is also renowned for overcoming his disability and living life without limits. In a nod to the Olympic Games, he has agreed to take the stage in 3 different sports, all of which involve aiming for a goal.

Creative idea

Do better than me, choose Garance

Gilbert Montagné tries his hand at various sports, including archery, basketball and shot-putting. He approaches each action with an air of seriousness and concentration…. Determined, after each shot he remains attentive and with an amused smile, he asks, “Did I get it?”

Finally, He turns to the camera, almost laughing, to share a humorous and wise piece of advice: “Do better than me, choose Garance!”

You should think bigger