A TV spot for an association that does nothing

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CCFD-Terre Solidaire turns weaknesses into strengths in a new awareness campaign

Situation & challenge

Emerging in the associative sector with a resolutely different model

CCFD-Terre Solidaire has been combating world hunger since 1961. It tackles the root causes of hunger rather than its symptoms. Likewise, it makes a point of developing local solutions that already exist, rather than imposing Western solutions and means that would create a form of financial and humanitarian dependence: the association works with, and never instead of.


These major differences make its actions far less spectacular and media-friendly. The association’s editorial line is rooted in optimism and hope, two notions that stand in stark contrast to the standards to which the milieu is accustomed.


Turning what might seem like inaction into a powerful advertising force

The actions implemented by CCFD-Terre Solidaire lack visibility… And sex appeal.

However, all these “minuses” conceal a big plus: CCFD-Terre Solidaire acts over the long term, and proposes concrete, effective and autonomous solutions to act against the origins of hunger.

In short: if CCFD-Terre Solidaire seems to do nothing, it’s because it prefers to give local populations the means to accomplish everything.

Creative idea

Donate to the only association that does nothing

CCFD-Terre Solidaire goes against the grain of the industry, true to its values of humility and optimism. Sweet Punk imagined a completely dissonant entry, transforming the brand’s “Achilles’ heel into the star of the show”.

We changed the rules of the game by going against the grain of all industry codes to shout out the unheard of: CCFD-Terre Solidaire is an association that does NOTHING.


That’s its strength. By helping solutions already in place to develop and act against hunger in the long term, its impact is far greater.

Resources strategy

TV film

What seems at first sight to be an ode to inaction turns out to be a sustained sequence of concrete examples of actions that help to combat hunger in the long term.

Here, the leading role is played not by the association, but by the local people, who act more effectively thanks to it. The images, far removed from the anxious codes of the sector, give way to smiles and the action of local populations.

Billboard campaign

We adapted the campaign’s red thread, keeping the same message in print. Here, the association that does nothing takes the liberty of going into greater detail about what it can achieve, by highlighting the work of those on the ground.

The diversity of the formats produced allows us to highlight both the different battles and the places where the association is active around the world.

Film & Key visuals

Campagne d'affichage

You should think bigger