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To meet the challenges of communication, it is essential to associate the design and writing of a film, whether advertising, documentary or interview, with a qualitative production. In a normal circuit, the agency calls on an external production team and allocates resources in line with the brand's strategy and needs. It is essential to use ultra specialized profiles, and obviously the right director. To ensure the best quality and the best vision, Sweet Punk decided to internalize the key positions of live action production, with a know-how mixing the best of both worlds.

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The live action shoot is a critical moment in the making of a commercial, an investment and the culmination of a pre-work and a vision. It requires perfect coordination between all the teams working with the aim of achieving the desired result. Whatever the budget, the limited time involves synchronizing various trades and equipment, devoting the greatest attention to the constraints and objectives of the brand. The director, who is not alone in his vision, must embrace that of a brand and value it.

If filming is the day when everything is played out, it is the quality of the pre-production and post-production that guarantee a demanding and flawless finished product. The production team makes a very important preparation with strategic planning and copywriting around the communication platform to ensure that the film will best respond to the brand image. Each detail for the shooting can and must be adjusted until the pre production meeting (PPM), starting with the casting which must be conducted with accuracy. The necessary adaptation

We stay as close as possible to brand strategy by consolidating a rich portfolio of talented directors who can respond to any type of positioning.
By integrating the main professions of production and post production in-house, we guarantee not only a fine construction of the structure and the sequence of the shoot but also a mastery of the key stages of post production: editing, calibration, FX, addition of 3D or 2D.

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