Ultra Sweet: a well-kept secret except in family

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Ultra Sweet: a well-kept secret except in family

Situation & Challenge

Transmission is witness to the sweetest secrets

For the Ultra Sweet range campaign, Garnier wishes to highlight the benefits of its iconic products which have become a true generational witness over the years.


Proust madeleine shampoo

To move in this direction of transmission, Sweet Punk recommends an operation with families of influencers rather than isolated celebrities. Authentic interviews that bring the product to life through testimonials of all ages.

The films were first designed and shot for the web. Faced with the success of the campaign, Garnier asked us to adapt Avocat Karité for TV
And this in order to boost sales of this product.

Creative Idea

The sweetness on one side, the family on the other

The creative idea of ​​the campaign is to get as close to realism as possible. The videos are touching, more real and closer to consumers than a classic spot, depicting moments between parents and children.

  • More than 48,000 likes on social networks
  • Building on its success, the campaign was rolled out on TV
  • It has also been used on 2 other brand products
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