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The art of storytelling is what best defines advertising film, often at the heart of all brand issues. The agency builds its creative processes with the sole aim of finding what will make the difference for an audience awaiting engagement and differentiation.

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To make an advertising film, it is essential to project the right associated objective. Developing notoriety or increasing sales of a product are often correlated ambitions that define the direction of writing and production. Object erected as a star of the small screen, it delivers its potential on all the terminals that make up the digital landscape, up to cinema screens.
There are so many forms and variations that must be a consistent extension of the brand and communication platform. The big idea, that which will touch the heart of the target will then be combined with the brand’s DNA so that the ambition of the film goes beyond its simple primary function.
Storytelling obviously involves assertive writing that is part of a global content strategy. From the 1-minute format to the variations for an activation campaign, the structure of the montage values ​​each time the heart of the message which must be incisive and readable at all points of contact.
Depending on the budgetary ambition, our integrated production studio supports you and guarantees an exemplary quality of production: filming, studio, 3D, motion design are all possibilities offered by the agency.
Designers, artistic directors and directors work closely around brand strategy.
The conception of an advertising film is at the heart of the agency’s businesses. Sweet Punk offers 360 brand support and offers you the opportunity to develop your integrated campaigns.

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