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The return of the mildest shampoo.

Situation & Challenge

An iconic product to pass on to new generations

Since 2004, Garnier Ultra Sweet Avocado and Shea Butter shampoo has been a benchmark for very dry, curly or frizzy hair. 15 years later, in a very competitive market and offering options for increasingly specific needs, how can the iconic brand of the L’Oréal group attract new consumers?

Strategy & creative idea

A new digital platform: intergenerational transmission

Thanks to an emotionally charged promise “With Garnier Ultra Sweet Avocado / Shea Butter, the moment when we take care of the hair is synonymous with sharing, complicity, exchange”, the brand is betting on intergenerational transmission to put the product back on the market. front of the stage.

Strat des moyen

#MaFamilleUltraDoux, complicity in capsules

For a weekend, 3 influencers accompanied by their children spend an unforgettable stay under the sign of relaxation and complicity. These precious slices of family life are immortalized and then mixed together like mosaics. The stories, centered on the product and the moments it evokes, place Garnier UltraDoux at the heart of the transmission.

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