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Advertising films, pre-roll, animated advertising banners, web-documentaries, institutional films or even clips… the applications of video support are numerous, as are the professions that compose it. The video is the first stone laid by our 360 ° video agency but also its raison d'être. This is part of our story. Since its creation, our team has been enriched by trend hunters, storytellers, inventors of style, forgers of sensations to offer you video works mixing emotions and convictions. Our image craftspeople create unique pieces for you that recreate all the poetry of feelings through animation.

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It is through our various achievements, our prestigious clients and the numerous awards obtained for our work that our studio can attest to its expertise in video production. Our 360 ° video agency is illustrated by the use of a wide range of techniques; from live action to stop motion, from 2D animation to 3D modeling, our premium studio feeds on all innovations to stay, day after day, at the pinnacle of innovation.

Our panoramic agency supports you in all stages of your video communication. We study your market, your target and your objectives to harness our sharp feathers to writing striking scenarios. We create images filled with emotions, we make your audience pass from laughter to tears, we make them travel in your universe using a photograph with sharp aesthetics. From the choice of voice-overs, to dedicated musical production, we isolate your spectators in a hearing bubble partitioned by your sound identity.
Because your creations take on their full meaning in the amused, amazed or misty eyes of your audience, we support you in the most suitable communication strategy and choose the distribution channels closest to your target. Thus, our 360 ° video agency aims to dress each bus and metro seat, each office chair and each badly redone bed, in the same glowing velvet as the most beautiful of cinemas.

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