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A discipline far from being flat.

Marvel at fairytale scenery, laugh at awkward and awkward characters or tremble with dread at the first notes of a devilish laugh? These feelings of childhood, it is the cartoons that are responsible for them.

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By moving away from simple drawing to take advantage of the services of creative typography, exalted illustrations, impacting photographs or even inspired graphics, 2D animation has refreshed its image and has been renewed into an excellent communication medium. . This discipline of motion design is just as beneficial for enriching web-documentaries with attractive sequences as it is for punctuating institutional films with visually explicit instructions.
Unlike the more fluid but less adaptive 3D animation, its dancing verve, its rhythmic images and its subtly jerky transitions are perfectly suited to the informative, entertaining and educational content that advertising and educational films are fond of.

2D animation is a versatile technique that requires talent, thoroughness and humanity. Writing captivating screenplays with impactful messages, creating clear and simplified storyboards, digital animations and coloring with worked aesthetics, choice and recording of dedicated voice-overs and careful post production are all steps that the many talents of our video agency master. 360 °.

In addition to this design-realization work, Sweet Punk supports you until the dissemination of your production, advises you on the most suitable channels for video, imagines new strategies to capture and move your target and finds the relays of most effective activations to enhance your content.
At Sweet Punk, we believe that choosing this innovative and cutting-edge digital art is showing your brand’s inclination towards creation, know-how and excellence.

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