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A computer-aided animation technique, 3D animation sees things big and scenes in volumes. All of cubes, textures and clothed light, 3D animation stretches the field of possibilities in infinite spheres. The performance of digital tools and the talent of immaterial sculptors allow for ultra-realistic, cheerfully graphic or delightfully childish visual renderings. Our agency, which is illustrated by the talent of its modeling virtuosos, likes to shape futuristic cities, enchanting atmospheres, ethereal atmospheres and other environments which translate your imagination, give life to your vision or welcome your brand in boxes in your image. . With Sweet Punk, push the doors of perception to bring your brand into a new dimension.

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A cousin of 2D animation with which it shares an unbridled imagination and dizzying creativity, 3D animation is a discipline that can be used in a wide variety of communication actions to give an extra soul and a touch of magic. .

It offers product presentations more look and depth than traditional photography. She immerses advertising films in personalized settings. It spices up animated action web documentaries. It allows a better understanding by illustrating institutional and educational films of pictorial advice, explanations in volume and examples in movement. It enriches the interactive contests with playful scenographies and engaging characters. 3D animation can also complement the fidelity of live action shootings by adding special effects that nourish reality with fantastical possibilities.

To perfect these illusory universes and these digital trompe-l’oeil fictions, Sweet Punk supports you in defining the sound identity of your project. Epic, joyful or melancholic, music sets the tone for your communication when the voice-over guides the viewer through the evolution of the story.

Anxious to lead our customers to the heart of creative campaigns, our agency makes use of this resource with innovation. Our artistic directors imagine protean, interactive and captivating routes. Our editorial pole builds scenarios and stories that reflect your values ​​while our video pole strives to sculpt your animated utopias with talent, but above all with passion.

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