An educational 3D web-series and a childish universe to explore.

  • Bank and insurance
  • Film and Video
  • Activation / Campaign
  • Awwwards
  • CSS Design

A gentle introduction to banking concepts.

Situation & Challenge

A gentle introduction to banking concepts.

To animate the – 12-year-old part of its site, Société Générale wishes to create content intended for the youngest to entertain them, but also to make them aware of the values ​​and functioning of the world of banking.

Strategic Axis

Create a world that grows with children.

We’ve created a multi-episode web series that airs throughout the seasons and highlights of the year.
Rather than punctual content, it’s a whole world that comes to life and grows with young spectators. By using the same characters and the same backgrounds, children can more easily identify with their heroes and the familiar universe they inhabit.


Welcome to Coxylune

Coxylune is a small world of islands suspended in the air, populated by a band of friends each with their own character! Realized in full 3D, Sweet Punk has built this universe from scratch, from character design to final animations.

In addition to the episodes of the mini-series, the agency also took care of bringing this cosmogony to life over the year through digital activations for Christmas, Halloween and Easter!


An historical success

  • 34% openings
  • a physical deployment in an agency: stuffed animals and board games in an agency …
  • a plebiscite with the network of advisers
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