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The extraordinary in your daily life.

Situation & Challenge

Create enthusiasm for a key brand date.

To promote the 100th launch of the Ariane 5 launcher, the brand wants to make a memorable campaign film to launch its 360 activation.




European pride on the other side of the world.

ArianeGroup is a symbol of Europe’s success, but its exploits are only visible in Kourou, Guyana, more than 7,000km from the old continent.



Creative Idea

Contemplate Ariane at the corner of your street.

In the heart of Paris, the spectator follows the daily life of two people, who, a priori, have nothing in common. A priori only. Until their emotions merge, and their eyes turn to the unthinkable: the iconic Ariane 5 launcher has established itself in their neighborhood.



Sharp Content

A high-end production.

The camera shots have been studied to transcribe the surprise and wonder that emanate from the two protagonists. A strong emotion made possible by the integration of the Ariane rocket in post-production images, combining 3D tracking, rocket modeling, integration, and compositing.



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